General Conditions of Membership

Every person from the age of 12 can become a member of our club.
Each member pays her/his membership fee either for fitness, NordicWalking or for all, hence in combination, for one season (August N -July N+1).
The amount and due date of the membership fee shall be determined by the Board of the Association each year.
This amount cannot be refunded, not even in case of “force majeure” (e.g.: due to Covid19).

Membership in the association is not bound to a specific range of services, as the association exclusively and directly pursues its non-profit interests.
The member has the right to participate in all sporting activities offered by the association (depending on the type of membership).

In case of sudden impediment of the coach on the day of the training session, the course will be cancelled.

Exceptional termination of membership shall be effected by written notice to the business address of the Association, and may be given at the end of any quarter, subject to a 4-week notice period.

Further details of the terms of membership can be found in the Constitution of the Association.

  • I hereby declare that I have read and understood the conditions of membership, which are explained in more detail in the statutes of the association.
  • I hereby agree that my personal data provided in the subscription form will be stored electronically and made available to the association for membership administration purposes.

Obligations of each member:

The member is obliged to inform the coach about its suitability for the sport without being asked before the beginning of the training session. Should unexpected health or well-being problems occur during the training session, the member is obliged to inform the trainer immediately.

The member is obliged to enter its participation in the respective training session on the list of participants (provided by the trainer before the beginning of the course). These lists of participants can also be maintained or controlled by the trainers or by board members.

The member is expressly advised not to bring any valuables with her/him. The trainer does not assume any guarding and duty of care for any valuables that are nevertheless brought along.

The member itself is liable for any damage caused by over-estimating its own capabilities. This also applies if the instructions of the respective instructors are not followed.

General weather conditions / seasons require adjustments: 

Participation in our courses is always at the member’s own risk.

In case of extreme weather conditions (storm, thunderstorm, slippery ice) the outdoor training courses may be cancelled at short notice. Basically the weather warnings of MeteoLux apply, i.e. with warning level orange or red no outdoor training courses take place.

During the winter months it is advisable to dress accordingly after the motto “see & be seen”.

Privacy Policy

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